The secret sauce that drives SEO work

Why SEO workflows are important

The right workflow helps establish and drive consistent SEO outcomes. This is the secret weapon used by almost every high growth startup as it helps translate research to strategy to action to outcome in the most efficient way possible. The more ambitious your strategies, the more you’ll need to strive toward operational excellence. Like everything worth achieving, a good workflow require discipline, commitment and alignment.

requirement planning

Identify and fix gaps in your team or resources for SEO initiatives

Managing ops

Forecast ops in a way that there’s always a resource for each SEO activity in your roadmap

iterate for efficiency

Improve processes and workflows as the team gains more insights into optimising each task

Ideal SEO workflows

The ideal SEO workflow translates SEO research to organic growth outcomes. This includes several stages of briefs – briefs to researchers, writers, designers, developers, and marketers. It also includes the actual work of researching, writing, designing, developing and marketing. Time is perhaps the most underestimated resource when first timers set up these processes. But the good news is that with experience and positively adapting to every learning – this can lead to a highly efficient bespoke SEO workflow of your own.

Sasha helped us scale our team by assessing and interviewing strong growth hires. She coached our SEO, content and editorial team in how to effectively scale their organic outreach strategies. I’ve also previously worked with Sasha at Canva, and recommend her for marketplaces demand generation and growing an organic user-base.

Andrianes Pinantoan,
Product & Growth, HealthMatch, ex-Canva, Airtasker

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