SEO strategy to inform everything that happens next

How SEO strategy drives growth

SEO strategy is formed after keyword research, competitor analysis, product scope and market positioning – and outlines which user intents a startup will target. This leads to prioritisation of various tactics that will help your website rank and retain traffic from a certain group of terms commonly used by your potential customers. Over time this strategy evolves as your product evolves and can sometimes help you identify new features or integrations that will lead to more organic growth.

target intents

SEO strategy will help identify which intents or keywords to target for a sustained period of time

seo milestones

This long term strategy will help identify milestones for SEO initiatives for organic traffic

wider team alignment

SEO strategy works in sync with content and product strategies for growth

Ideal support for SEO strategy

SEO strategies carry greater impact when supported by the entire business. Depending on the stage your startup’s at, your SEO strategy might need engineering, UX, content or marketing effort. The most ambitious SEO strategies will nearly always require leadership buy in to avoid blockers of any kind. This means that SEO strategies must be communicated in a way that all stakeholders understand effort and impact.

I recommend Sasha to founders several times a week. She has deep insight and a proven track record into how a business can really start to scale, given her experience at Canva and hipages. She has been instrumental in helping several founders I know breakthrough to the level of understanding and develop the approach they need to go from “growing well” to “oh gosh this is almost growing too fast”.

Rose Powell
Head of Growth, Rampersand VC (Ex-Canva)

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