Keyword research and competitor analysis

How SEO relies on research

Keyword research and competitor analysis form the foundation of SEO work. Using in-depth keyword research, we zero in on a product’s set of target intents, i..e, what are the different intents that the product’s customers have when searching for solutions. This gives us a deep understanding about an audience’s core jobs to be done – and we’re able to align SEO strategy to these intents/jobs. Competitor analysis helps us understand which intents or search terms drive the most organic traffic for a competitor, whether direct or related.

Target keywords

Which high search volume keywords to target for a product’s niche in its industry

Competitor analysis

Which keywords, pages or and subfolders are driving our competitors’ organic traffic or growth

seo prioritisation

Which keywords we must prioritise in order to gain maximum ROI from SEO efforts

How SEO research works

Whether you’re creating a category, adding more solutions to an existing category, or offering a more efficient solutions within a deep category – SEO research will identify organic growth opportunities. Keyword research is the foundation of all SEO strategy and it’s strongly supported by competitor analysis. This phase in SEO work can be done solo by an SEO specialist who will then present to you a keyword research summary and competitor research analysis.

We worked with Sasha to put together a targeted SEO growth strategy. Sasha has extensive experience in high-growth companies and has scaled both SEO teams and SEO results.

The work we did enabled us to make data-driven, effective decisions and direct our growth strategy in a new direction.

Chris Hexton,
Co-founder and CEO, Vero

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