A critical phase where SEO, UX and Content come together

How SEO supports website development

Your website is the first point of interaction between your company and a new customer. Developing it in a way that makes it easy to find through search engines is critical. It is no longer just a ‘marketing site’. It is quite literally part of your product’s identity. Including SEO requirements in website development scopes is essential and saves everyone a lot of time and money in the future. These would include SEO-informed frontend and backend requirements for the website, as well as CMS requirements that support ongoing SEO and content goals.

technical seo

Tech SEO helps build websites with strong foundations for crawl performance

page modules

SEO planning for page layouts can help engineers strategise re-usable modules

CMS requirements

SEO requirements would include CMS must-haves that help engineers scope ongoing website needs

Ideal SEO-Development workflows

How SEOs and engineers work together depends on a company’s website needs, which in turn depend on stage of growth. If building a website from scratch, the core team would need an MVP mindset, which means you might not launch with all the bells and whistles because you’re yet to validate some SEO growth strategies. This calls for a basic SEO requirements document (focused on your unique product and needs) handed over to engineers with ongoing support as the site develops.

Later – you would include SEO requirements for more complex website development sprints where engineers, product managers and SEOs would work on your website as a product for organic growth. Flexibility and collaboration from every team member is key.

We’ve worked with Sasha on several content and SEO projects. I cannot recommend her more highly. Sasha has been equally supportive at both a strategic and hands-on level. Our work with Sasha saw us deep-dive into product and market data to create more powerful campaigns resulting in stronger organic growth. Her deep understanding of the tools, past experience and thirst for new challenges has seen her become an instrumental part of our go-to-market team. Sasha will always go above and beyond, and works on harnessing Flaunter’s growth potential with as much passion as the founding team.

Gaby Howard
Founder, CEO , Flaunter

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