Hi, I’m Sasha

I drive organic growth for tech startups.

I love what I do for a living and will usually be found deep inside spreadsheets looking for search patterns that can unlock exponential growth that’s great for both – customers and startups. My biggest driver is empathy for users who haven’t found that amazing product yet. And equally for the founder and founding teams who’ve poured their hearts and souls into products that now need to be taken to a wide audience that’s already looking for them.

I run a not-for-profit animal rescue community platform

I am deeply passionate about solving the gaps in our animal rescue ecosystem and am doing this through WaldosFriends.org – with a fundraising shop, a rescue shelter finder, pet library, training guide, and more. I believe everyone can be empowered to do the right thing and I strive every day to help anyone participate in this incredible community of people who care about helping animals in need.

Advice and mentorship

I’ve worked with about a dozen global/local tech startups and enjoy consulting with, mentoring or advising people who are building great products that the world needs. I’m always up for a chat and a deck about the next big idea that you want to explore for organic growth. However, I do not work with businesses involved in gambling, or those that – in any way, shape or form – profit from animal breeding or sales.

I’m building something on the side

I find the workflows between different specialties such as content, SEO, engineering and product very fascinating and am building something on the side to address this crossover space. It’s a labour of love that I hope will translate my learnings from great cross-functional teams – and how the same goals of user growth change hands from research to strategy to content and beyond.

I’ve worked with these amazing companies and partners


Clipsal Solar

Why Summer Works?

In Dec 2017, on a glorious Sydney Summer day, I decided to carve out a niche for myself as an independent Craftsperson. I committed to this decision by branching out on my own in July 2018 and since then I’ve worked with several incredible startups. In March 2021, I returned to Canva as part of the Content and Discovery team. I continue to mentor two to three startups at a time.