UX and SEO work together for optimal new user experiences

How SEO and Design work in sync

For a new customer – SEO and UX are two steps in the same journey. Whether someone lands on your website through branded or non-branded searches, what they experience just as they land determines their first impression of your product and impacts what happens next. Neither SEO nor UX can ace this journey without working closely together. Without SEO informing design, you’ll have a beautiful website with low traction, and without UX making SEO look intuitive, you’ll lose new site visitors as quickly as you find them.

SEO and UX start with user intent

Both crafts start by exploring user intent. SEO helps aggregate this in buckets for UX exploration

seo informs website ux planning

SEO research into user intents helps define different website sections and design paths

great ux is critical for seo success

UX and SEO is a critical alliance that must work in sync for organic growth success

Ideal SEO-UX workflows

SEO-UX workflows depend on your company’s stage of growth. Pre-MVP startups require several combined SEO-UX research cycles to arrive at an optimal website structure, landing pages layouts and user paths. This would include style, tone, and other exploratory work that is supported by SEO competitor analysis in your market segment. MVP startups will be able to skip ahead a few steps but would require new strategies for growth to be translated from SEO research to effective UX. And scale-ups would require combined SEO-UX audits and re-designing along with new SEO-UX initiatives. No matter which path you’re on, having your SEO and UX people work well together determines organic growth success.

Sasha helped us scale our team by assessing and interviewing strong growth hires. She coached our SEO, content and editorial team in how to effectively scale their organic outreach strategies. I’ve also previously worked with Sasha at Canva, and recommend her for marketplaces demand generation and growing an organic user-base.

Andrianes Pinantoan
Product & Growth – HealthMatch, ex-Canva and Airtasker

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